The Killing Floors
for orchestra (1995)
3 (picc).2.3 (bass cl.).3(contra) pno. hrp. timp+2 strings
duration: 11’
GRT • 022

score available from
Australian Music Centre

program note
The title of this piece is taken from Louis Nowra's play, The Temple. I composed music for the premiere production by Playbox (directed by Bruce Myles) in 1993. Nowra uses 'The Killing Floors' of an abattoir as a metaphor for the floors of the stock exchange, particularly in light of the mid–1980's in Australia.

The opening music from the Playbox production was my starting point for this piece.
The Killing Floors is not, however, overtly programmatic in its structure, nor does it attempt to tell the story of the play. My interest is in the contrast between the maniacal activity of the stockmarket floors and the almost untouchable calm and opulence of the high–rise executive suite.

The work is dedicated to Andrew Wheeler, who gave the 3rd performance of the work with the Pacific Ocean Symphony Orchestra (Vladivostok, Russia) in 1996.

"Greenbaum's music displayed its double-edged metaphor in an incisive construction."
Patricia Kelly, Courier Mail Brisbane, November 1995