for recorder, erhu and string quartet (2017)
duration: 24’
GRT • 200

score available from
Australian Music Centre

program note
I. Snow in Beijing
recorder and erhu

Haiku 1
solo recorder

Dream House
erhu and string quartet

recorder and string quartet

Haiku 2
solo erhu

recorder, erhu and string quartet

Translations was commissioned by Carrillo Gantner as a birthday gift for his wife, Ziyin Wang Gantner. The 1st and 3rd movements allude to her Chinese heritage (
Snow in Beijing) and her notable work in the film industry (I wrote the score for the documentary film, Dream House, which Ziyin directed). The haiku interludes (movements 2 and 5) refer to Ziyin and Carrillo’s shared love of the refined aesthetic of Japan and the 4th movement (Wilderness) similarly represents their shared history of long distance hiking across Europe, Asia and Australia. The final movement is a testament to Ziyin’s love of family and the joy shared across generations.

This work was written for recorder, erhu and string quartet and presents contrasting solo, duo and quintet subsets of that combination, finally revealing the complete sextet ensemble in the final movement.

Written for Genevieve Lacey (recorder), Hao Zheng (erhu) and Flinders String Quartet, the premiere performance was given by them at the Melbourne Recital Centre on 20 March 2018.